Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Interview with Gene Heil, author of God Loves Messed Up People



Inside the Book:

Title: God Loves Messed Up People
Author: Gene Heil
Genre: CoDependency/Self-Help
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Gene Heil spent his life in service to God and his country. He spent 20 years in the military and dedicated his life to the Lord. Heil is an ordained minister, and served as an elder in the church, took part in prison outreach, and devoted himself to prayer. He desires to see lives changed.

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  1. oung black men often beat you when you were in school and yet you don’t believe in racial division and think that we all need to learn to get along. What transpired in your life to let you know that love and racial healing are better than hate and division?

I felt no love around me anywhere I went. All I knew was Jesus died for my sins.   And I knew about forgiveness and Gods love. So when I got saved it was in all black church and they just loved me as I was, and not what they wanted me to be.

  1. How did you learn to forgive those young men that beat you?

Because I saw my mother forgive my father no matter what he did.

  1. How did forgiving them change your life?

It set me free.  It gave me peace of mind and I learned how much Jesus Christ loved me and by studying the word of God.

  1. Tell us about your days in the military?

I love the military and that is where I learned to serve and I found out that I love helping people and still do it to this day.

15. How did the military change your life for good?

I learned how to be responsible for my actions.

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